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“I have been going to Nutrishop since 2015 where I weighed about 225. Carl and company provided detailed instructions on how to keep the diet surrounding the product Hypercor which works amazing. I now weigh 170 pounds and am active 5-6 hours a week, I’m 37 and I feel younger than I did 10 years ago. Thank you Nutrishop for being a blessing.”

Robert Richie

(Nutrishop Tampa Customer)



Another satisfied customer raves about their success using Nutrishop products.


“Nutrishop’s products helped me have without a doubt the best physique in class. Not bad for 51 years old and all natural after having lost 90 pounds!!!”**

Rich Henderson


Hello Nutrishop,Mendez Flex1

My name is Joaquin Mendez, I am a competitive power lifter in the 165 LBS (75Kg) weight division. My success consist of the Arizona Police & Fire Games: Gold Medalist at the Power Lifting Competition for X5 consecutive years in a row (2011-2015). United States Police & Fire Championships 2015: Gold Medalist at the Power Lifting Competition in San Diego, CA. My recent overall finish at 4th place in the World Police & Fire Games 2015: Power Lifting Competition in Fairfax, VA. My success was made possible with the amazing supplement lineup from Nutrishop: Brandon, FL. IG:@Mendez_164 #NS #WPFG #USPFC #TEAMUSA #NUTRISHOP**

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Mendez Bench 1

Nutrishop Brandon is the epitome of what a sport and weight loss superstore should be.
The staff embodies the principals of outstanding customer service and values each customer that
passes through its doors.  When you enter the shop you will find a vast assortment of products;
moreover, you will be greeted by a staff that understands how each product works in accordance
with your individual fitness and nutritional goals.  Mr. Todd, store operator at Nutrishop
Brandon, combines decades of fitness experience with a memorable display of charisma that
transcends beyond the likes that I have ever seen.

I was referred to Nutrishop Brandon and Mr. Todd by my recruiter when I was struggling
to make the military’s strict body fat percentage requirements.  I visited the shop exhausted
mentally and physically.  Due to over training and poor nutritional habits I found that my body
began to digress in overall performance.  Having tried everything imaginable, from reading
countless fitness magazines too consulting “self­proclaimed” fitness experts, my faith in Mr.
Todd’s ability to help me achieve my fitness goals where minimal at most.

After conversing with Mr. Todd for more than two hours I realized why all of the
sergeants at my recruiting station relied on his expertise, the man is a walking encyclopedia.  He
developed a meal plan and workout regimen strictly tailored to my specific needs.  He also
provided me with products that aided in my ability to matriculate towards my goals more rapidly.
Within in a week, this is no lie, I dropped six pounds.  One month from that very date I had lost
more than ten pounds and three inches of my waist.  Prior to visiting Nutrishop Brandon I could
only perform sixty­five pushups in two minutes; a month after following Mr. Todd’s advice I
could perform more than eighty pushups in one minute.

I am a real guy, who was seeking real results.  Nutrishop Brandon empowered me with
the ability to achieve my fitness goals.  If you are looking to achieve the next level in your
nutritional and fitness goals, please do not hesitate to visit Nutrishop Brandon and speak with
Mr. Todd.  I promise you that visit will be the best decision you will ever make in regards to
your fitness pursuits.**

A proud customer,

Samuel Williams

4 Months of Nutrishop
photo5 before/after testimonial
before after before after
before/after before/after
before after before after


As a Senior in High School I had little knowledge about supplements and what to take to enhance my performance in sports and my physique. All of my friends were buying their stuff from a small store in Florida and they were swelling up at an unbelievable rate, and I wanted to be like that. I started to experiment with different supplements that my friends took and the results were extremely dramatic very quickly. I gained a ton of weight, got extremely strong, and was bloated all of the time. I was happy with this, because my strength and size was unimaginable.

Recently however, I was introduced to Nutrishop in Brandon, Florida. During my first visit at Nutrishop, I learned more about supplements than I had ever known in my entire life. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, not knowing what to think because I didn’t know anyone that bought their stuff from Nutrishop, but I went ahead and gave it a shot. I thought that I couldn’t beat the level I was on from the other supplements, but I quickly learned that I was wrong.

The first thing I noticed was my energy. In the first 24 hours I felt better and more Energetic than I had in a long time. Then the fat started to disappear and I dropped fat, and water weight like it was nothing. It didn’t take Long to notice that my physique had began to shred up and I looked more and more ripped as the days went on. I started at about 13 percent body fat. After 4 months I was under 6 percent body fat. I look great, I feel spectacular and I am so happy that I made the change to switch to Nutrishop.


Thanks Todd and Vince, I appreciate everything you guys have done for me.**

Dalton Bohannon

Cross Fit athletes succeed using Nutrishop products.


I am a competitive CrossFit athlete and have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. CrossFit training demands high intensity training which in turn demands proper nutrition and supplementation. For about a year and half I took every brand of pre-workout, post workout, and protein you can think of. I was constantly trying anything new that came out that claimed to improve muscle endurance and muscle gains. I always had the same mediocre results, and was convinced my lack of gains were due to not training hard enough.About 6 months ago I walked into Nutrishop hoping there was something there for CrossFitters that could stimulate my training. What I found has taken my training and results to the next level. After a month of taking supplements from Nutrishop I hit new PR’s and felt a surge of energy in longer met-cons. 6 months later I am recovering faster, lasting longer, and getting stronger on a weekly basis. I can without a doubt say taking supplementation from Nutrishop has taken my CrossFit to another level.CrossFit is a unique style of training that requires special nutritional and supplementation needs. Nutrishop’s products meet and exceed the needs of anyone doing CrossFit, and rival if not beat any other supplement on the market geared towards CrossFitters.**

-The one year transformation!!!

A few words about Nutrishop…

These guys are absolutely incredible! A while back, I was at such a low body weight, I looked unhealthy. Some photos in my “before” section are not even as bad as it really was. I was at a very low 138 lbs (with a 5’9″ frame). After some work with Nutrishop, and some on and off lifting, I eventually got up to 160 lbs. At this point, I became addicted. It was then that I got serious with Carl and Vince at Nutrishop in New Tampa and said I was fully invested and ready to get going. They coached me every step of the way and advised me on which supplements were best for my goals, as well as suggested workouts and routines. It was like having a personal training team just a phone call away. Every time I came into the store or just called with questions, the two of them were always happy to help and more than willing to give me advice. So, with all of my supplements inline, my nutrition on point, and a solid workout routine, I have reached a lean 190 lbs. and I am THRILLED!

Nutrishop has changed my life and I am so thankful that they do what they do. They helped me turn my life around and thanks to them, I will continue to set and reach new fitness goals, because in the fitness world, you’re never done! I will continue to have a long lasting relationship with these guys and Nutrishop because they played, and still play, a huge part in my life. So much so that I am working on getting my certification within the next few months so I can put a big ‘ol “CPT” next to my name and help people change their lives! So, if you’re looking for your new or first supplement store, you can stop looking… it’s NUTRISHOP!**

Thank you guys! Let’s get it!

A year ago in January 2012 I started working out I weighed 267 lbs and in a size 24 pants. My friend told me about a product called Forza Pro at Nutrishop in Brandon, FL. In February I went in to check it out and to learn more about it. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable in what product would be good for me. I started with the two Nutrishop products, they also gave me a diet plan to stick too. The main product I’ve been using lately is their protein along with the meal plan I received. This is the best! I love it and I also love all of the various flavors they have. I’m always like a kid in a candy store when I go into shop at Nutrishop and it’s always nice to have people that are always friendly and very helpful. There was never a question they couldn’t answer. Since Jan 2012 and now Feb 2013 I have lost 133 lbs I now weigh 134 lbs and in a size 7 junior pants.  Without the help of their products and the guys at Nutrishop I don’t think this would of been possible. It’s an over all AMAZING product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight. If you stick with it,work out,and of course eat healthy you will definitely lose weight. Thanks Nutrishop for all your help. You have made my weight loss journey a easy one :)**

Jessica Rowland

In 6 months I lost 42 pounds by following the diet plan laid out by Vince at Nutrishop while taking their products and working out. The vitamins helped keep me energized and I have not been sick since I started taking them. For me, bedtime was the worst time for me because it’s when I would find myself snacking the most. When I started with the Pro 5, instead of eating something that was bad for me right before bed I would drink a shake, which was good for me. It took away the craving for something sweet while keeping my metabolism working throughout the night.

J Soto

It is now a year later and I have been successful in keeping the weight off by continuing to take Nutrishop products and working out. I completely recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is looking to taking off any unwanted weight and keeping it off. As long as you follow the program, which is just basically a lifestyle change, it will work for you. I never really considered it a diet but more a lifestyle change that I knew would change my life forever because I feel good about myself and want to continue to feel this way. I know that as long as I continue to do what I have been doing I will be able to.***

Jorge Soto


Becky Soto Brandon FL

I have been following the plan given to me from Vince for a little over a year and a half and have lost 85 lbs and am only 15 lbs from my goal weight. I started off at 215 and am now at 130. It has been a slow but steady pace for me but as Vince reminds me all the time “slow and steady wins the race”. I am looking to keep this weight off forever and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, as long as I don’t gain, I am happy. The products work if you change your lifestyle and do the work. It’s a combination of using the products, eating right and working out by staying active. I appreciate the fact that Vince isn’t just trying to sell you products. He makes himself available to you whenever you need to ask him any questions about the products or workouts. He really is interested in helping you reach your goal and staying there. Vince and his staff are great and friendly. They always have a smile on their face. Thanks Guys for all you do!**

Becky Soto

As cliche as it sounds in high school I was very fit and in shape, but the my freshman 15 exceeded the 15, I had gained over 60 pounds. Due to my job I lost a few of those pounds, but was still not where I wanted to be. I had just started working out regularly and eating better about a year ago and was seeing results but I had hit a wall and needed something to help give me that extra push. That’s when a friend at work told me about Nutrishop and how they helped him lose weight in order for him to lose weight for his upcoming competition. So I talked to the guys at the New Tampa location and told them what I was looking to do, they put me on their lean diet plan. After 3 weeks of following their meal plan and exercising regularly I had dropped an entire pant size. I have been on the lean program for about 4 months and did 1 month of their mass building program. At my heaviest I was 235 and started their program at 185 and dropped 20 pounds after 2 months using their Nutrishop products. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone I come across, I never get tired of people saying “wow you look great”. I will definitely continue my fitness journey alongside Nutrishop.**
Thanks Carl!
Your friend John P



Hey Carl,

Thank you guys for guiding me in the right direction and having me on the most amazing products and diet.  I’ve come a long ways from where I once was to where I am now. When I first started your guys product I was 286 pounds I now weigh 210 pounds. I never believed how important my protein played a role in my diet, but it makes a huge difference and I can’t see myself going a day wihtout their great protein. Thanks guys at Nutrishop.**



My before and after pictures definitely say it all. I was so out of shape and out of focus when I came to see the awesome staff here at Nutrishop. With their help I was able to make these radical changes to my body. Proper nutritional advice and the RIGHT supplements are the main reason that I continue to shop there. Of course you have to exercise, but the right supplements will make your workouts much more effective and help you recover faster! I only shop at Nutrishop. When you find supplements that works, why shop anywhere else?**











Before 246 lbs                                    After 193Lbs

-Charles Tash, Age 36


It’s working out well. I haven’t seen results like this in six years or so, so I am very happy. I’m running very long distance (7-20 miles per runs 4 times a week and lifting 3 times supper-setting and I have gained a couple pounds and look leaner. I would have thought that with all the running I would lose muscle, but Nutrishop products when taken religiously are very effective. Thanks and I’ll be seeing you for a re-supply in 2-3 weeks.

Take Care,
Carlos Arias


Thanks from a loyal customer to the shop, I stumbled upon a great nutrition product that not only works as advertised, but has also taken my training and body to another level. Okay, I know what you are thinking already, this is just some lame sales pitch, or I am being paid to say it, but in actuality I actually paid for this product and bought another supply today. I have always known the benefit of Protein supplements, but have only used them sparingly in the past because I didn’t feel any real benefit from them or just hated the taste. Well thanks to Vince guiding me over at Nutrishop Brandon, I have found the perfect protein supplement. It is Nu-Tek’s Pro5 and I chose the Cookies and Cream flavor because it literally tastes like a milk shake.  My times have consistently dropped in training and racing and I have gotten leaner and more defined which I know doesn’t increase my speed necessarily, but the wife sure does like it. The best part is all I do is mix the Pro5 and the GL6 in a little hand blender with a little cold water in the morning, after a workout, and at night and I am good to go. I highly recommend this product. Go see Vince as he is highly knowledgeable about the products and also very passionate. Tell him Ken sent you!

Plusses: Tastes great, actually works as advertised. No upset stomach or bloated feeling.
Minuses: Too many flavors to try. I give this product a 5 out of 5. Try it.**



What is going on bro…man the stack is working great! Lost a lot of body fat…started weighing in at 278…now I’m 264 solid…what a difference…I had to combine two weeks a part from each other, here are the numbers:

March 5th
40 Yard Dash
4.65 Shuttle
4.473 Cone Drill
7.45 Broad Jump
9ft 11 1/2 inches

But Vince checked this out on the next workout:

March 29th
40 Yard Dash
4.65 Shuttle 4.32…enough said
Vertical leap 38.5 inches…enough said
Broad jump 10ft 1.3 inches
Cone drill 7.21

Big gains man, thanks a lot, I will be back!!!**

K. Roberts
M Spears
Here’s one of the many Model pictures of myself. I have been coming to your store for almost a year and a half and all your products are amazing. I have noticed a positive difference in my physique by taking the Fuzion stack. My energy has increased and life is a lot better and I look and feel great. I am very satisfied with your products because: THEY WORK, YOUR PRICES ARE LOW and THE RESULTS ARE REAL AND AMAZING.**

Thanks Man,
Michael Spears
Tampa, Florida


It has been 6 days now that I have been on your products  and I have gained five pounds in muscle mass and have gone up five pounds in my curl and five pounds in my flat bench. My energy level is out of the roof. Before your products I could not do more than 100 crunches with a 25lb weight, now I do 100-120 with a 45lb weight. I will keep you posted when I hit the 1 month mark on this stuff.**

Brandon Stanley


At the age of 38, I pulled a muscle in my back while putting my seatbelt on while talking on my cellphone. It took all my effort to crawl out of my car…as I lay down on the cement, several things came to me:
“Boy, that’s embarrassing.”
“My lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary.”
“I’m short-changing my life by short-changing my health.”
T Denton“I’m not enjoying my time with my family as much as I should.”
“This lack of physical activity and fitness HAS to be hurting my effectiveness as an ESPN Redfish Cup Professional.”
I decided to make some changes. Through a workout regimen and proper supplementation I made huge changes. I feel better, I have less aches and pains, and my clothes fit better. I am able to spend more time on the water, and less time feeling drained. I can’t overstate the effect that supplementation had on my training. Don’t waste your time and money trying to figure out what products you need to achieve the results you desire. The right combination of supplements yields synergistic effects for your workouts. The wrong combination will leave you dumping your money down the toilet (at best), or worse have a detrimental effect on your health. Good supplements are a good investment. Go see Vince at Nutrishop Brandon. He will direct you to the right product for you…he did for me.**

Trey Denton


The Fuzion, the Fuzion 2 scoops for me. Awesome… I had a great workout for 1 1/2 hours. I had to quit I really didn’t want to overdo anything. That Fuzion made me want to go on and on. It really made my workout jump!!! The protein is great also, along with joint therapy and natures fuel. It keeps me real active and alert at night when I am working out. Awesome is not a good word to describe all these products because it is better than awesome.**

Louis Colassani


As a new customer, I am submitting my comments regarding the use of “Joint Complex”. I have been a disabled veteran since 1981. My injury was a broken back and crushed hips as a result of being run over by a vehicle. Both hips are missing and require replacing, as well as needing decompression back surgery. Being in the VA system, I have been seen by numerous doctors, been subscribed numerous medications and given numerous treatments for my condition, and none of which have been successful. I have lived in chronic pain!I met Vince approximately one month ago and was introduced to this product. On the second day of consuming this product, I have been pain free. I am still unable to walk and I did not expect to do so, but to be free of chronic pain is certainly a positive.The product works on what I would consider the worst case possible. My next comments are regarding the professionalism demonstrated by Vince. He has a great deal invested but his personal skills, knowledge, and a non-pushy attitude is truly a pleasant change from old school nutrition store business to a new level of honor.**

Pastor Danny Lee Ballard
Disabled Air Force Veteran


I want to thank you for all the information and help in learning how to use and rip the benefits of the products I had purchased from you. I had used a lot of products in my life but never had I seen so many positive results in energy and better physical condition. I started using Fuzion, BCAA, and Kre-Alkalyn and the results have been wonderful. I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help and guidance. Everywhere I go people ask me what I am doing because I look much better and more energized. Believe me I always share the treasure I found in your store and you as a very knowledgeable person in the field of physical training.Thanks again. Your grateful friend forever.**

Edgardo Cortes


I needed to tell the world about my experience with Nutrishop.  So, I decided to add to the testimonials page. I have worked out for years and I have always tried to take care of my health and fitness. Around 2010 I met Vince in Nutrishop Tampa and he introduced me to the vast array of Nutrishop products and I haven’t gone anywhere else since! The products he offers at the store are the best products on the market, I know this because I have been purchasing Nutrition products for 15 years. But products alone won’t get you results, finding out which products best suit your needs and your body will help you achieve the added bonus of supplements. Vince and Todd have matched me with products to further my lifestyle for 5 years now which is difficult considering I have a delicate digestive system that is sensitive to many types of foods and products. Recently, due to dietary changes my body , I was not feeling well and this was apparent in my physical appearance. My lips were discolored, I was pale and not receiving all of my nutrients my body requires. Vince had me immediately get on Natures’ Fruits and Greens combined with Natures Fuel. In a month my color was returning and my lip discoloration was gone! I swear by the Nutrishop products and the recommendations of Vince and Todd. The best thing about going to Nutrishop 5 years ago was the friendships I have acquired from Vince and Todd, these guys are great and they give you the one on one attention that you really can’t get anywhere else. Thank you for everything guys!**



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Nutrishop…”Your Success Is Our Success” – Just read all of our Testimonials above. We have testimonials because our products work! If you have had a positive experience with Nutrishop and want to leave a testimonials email
One-On-One Nutritional Supplement Counseling at Nutrishop New Tampa, your consultation starts and you end up with a whole new life plan.**


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