New Products!

New Product NutrishopCheck out our New Products! Nutrishop Brandon has exclusive brands that will blow you away!


  • Let the gains begin!


  • Weight loss formula


  • Pre-cardio Thermogenic powder drink with CLA’s!


  • Six Amino Acid blend with caffeine!

Erratic in Blue Raspberry!

  • Brand new taste , same product!

Pre-Workout by PNR

  • Powerful and Affordable Preworkout drink!
  • Unique, savory and vibrant flavors.

Superfoods by Trailhead

  • Tons of Antioxidants and Digestive enzymes
  • Large quantities of Vitamins and daily fruit servings

N’Ject by Cellshock

  • Increase recovery time
  • Increase pumps


  • May help to improve body mass.
  • Helps assist with building a new physique

PhosphaTOR by PHLABS

  • Muscle Mass
  • strength gains


  • Post workout BCAA complex drink


  • Pre- Cardio workout drink!

STANCE Pre workout for Men

  • New Pre-Workout Drink for Body Builders

LTD by XP-2

  • Effective Muscle Optimizer

Erratic! by Vitasport

  • Vitasport Pre-Workout drink

Evolve! by Elemental Health Services

  • Vitamin and healthier you

Blueprint by XP2™

  • Powerful Pre-Workout Drink

Metabolic Spike! by XP2™

  • Caffeine Free
  • Weight loss mix

– Thermovex Stack by Evochem™

  • Complete recovery system.

Hydro Pro Protein by Evochem™

  • Extreme Protein Power

1 XPM by Forzone™

  • Night time supplement for workout enthusiasts
  • Contains Zinc and Magnesium, often neglected by athletes

Betabol by Evochem™

  • Intense Muscle Optimizer

BCAA Sport™ by Forzaone™

  • Instantly mixes BCAA powder

Augment™ by pHLABS™

  • Augment your lifestyle with this PHlabs supplement.


  • Prework is a complete N.O. drink.

ANX-P3™ by Forzaone™

  • N.O. supplement in pill form!

Restart-AST™ by pHLABS™

  • Restart your supplement routine.

1XD™ by Forzaone™

  • Muscle Optimizer by Forza!

Forza Pro™ by Forzaone™

  • Rapid and Extended-Release Protein Hybrid
  • 30 grams of Protein per Serving
  • 8 Premium Protein Sources
  • Gluten Free
  • 3 unique flavors! Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Vanilla!

Hemovex™ by EVOchem™ Nutrition

  • Popular Nutrishop Nitric Oxide pre-workout supplement

Thermovex™ by EVOchem™ Nutrition

  • 3 grams of CLA per serving

N.O.XP3™ by FORZAONE™ Performance Nutrition

      • A heavily dosed pre-workout supplement

PHENADREN™ by EVOchem™ Nutrition

  • A professional strength supplement

LIPOCOR™ by Katalyst Nutraceuticals™

  • new powerful CLA/EFA blend
  • different to others currently available

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