Nutrishop Product reviews by Robert D

Product Reviews by Robert D Mass Fuzion –– A much needed after workout calorie and glucose support system. This product makes sense to take after a hardcore workout , mixed with a protein tastes pretty good. It adds a totally different texture to the protein shake. Downside…. a gritty aftertaste. But I love this product. […]

Days 30 through 40 the last days of weight gain

Last days of Weight Gain Well as I mentioned before I would continue the challenge out of my own accord to finish up to my weight gain goals. I ended up using the last of my Nutrishop product stacks and gained a few pounds more of mass. I enjoyed all the flavors of the nutrishop […]

Trying Non-Nutrishop products after Challenge

Nutrishop Brandon vs competition Okay I decided to do something. a kind of comparison. I tried a popular website online and decided to purchase products that were of similar nature to those I used in my 30 day weight gain challenge using Nutrishop Brandon products. This is what happened. Okay breakdown: Protein: The website I used […]

Day 30 of Weight Gain Challenge

Last day of weight gain challenge. The long awaited day is here. The weight gain challenge is completed. I currently way 185lbs. I am super grateful to the guys at Nutrishop Brandon. Without their help I could not have achieved such great results. I will be continuing this for an additional 15 days or so […]

Day 25- 29 of Weight gain challenge

Day 25-29 weight gain challenge So the final days of the Weight Gain challenge are here. This is how I stack up now. I am currently 185 lbs. I realized that in a short period I have gained 20lbs. Yes, not all of it is pure muscle, however a sizable amount is. I will continue […]

Weight Gain Challenge days 20-24.

Gain Challenge days 20-24. Okay the weight is in 183lbs. I hope to get to 190 before the end of the challenge. I have gained about 15 lbs this month. I am killing it, however I must give props to the Nutrishop crew for advice , products and belief in me and the products. Consistency, […]

Day 15 – 19 Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Days 15-19 Nutrishop Weight gain challenge Eating , Working Out, Lifting Big, Drinking lots of Water. I notice that with the current supplementation, I workout much harder than without these products. I also know that I get far more exhausted from my workouts. I have been sleeping many more hours which has been allowing for […]

Day 11-14 Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge I decided to change the strategy for a few days, knowing there would be less weight gain. Over the past ten days I consumed between 4000 and 5000 calories respectively. I had started feeling bloated and tired. I decided to take a few days at a higher intake but just not […]

Day 9 and 10 of 30 day weight gain challenge

Weight Gainer Challenge Days 9-10. Still Chugging along on the Slinging back protein shakes, Weight Gainer shakes, and Karbolyn. I have come to the conclusion that Karbolyn and Mass Fuzion make just about as much difference as Gainer7 has. Those products are fantastic. I have also been incorporating light days in my workouts which include really […]

Day 7 and Day 8 of 30 Nutrishop Weight Gain challenge

Nutrishop Weight Gain I worked a double and recovered. I had killed myself at work this week. Just glad to continue the Nutrishop Weight Gain challenge. I will be ordering more Mass Fuzion and Gai7ner soon. I am seeing huge gains in my arms. My arms have always been hard at gaining, yet with my current […]

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