Day 15 – 19 Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Days 15-19 Nutrishop Weight gain challenge Eating , Working Out, Lifting Big, Drinking lots of Water. I notice that with the current supplementation, I workout much harder than without these products. I also know that I get far more exhausted from my workouts. I have been sleeping many more hours which has been allowing for […]

Day 11-14 Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge I decided to change the strategy for a few days, knowing there would be less weight gain. Over the past ten days I consumed between 4000 and 5000 calories respectively. I had started feeling bloated and tired. I decided to take a few days at a higher intake but just not […]

Day 9 and 10 of 30 day weight gain challenge

Weight Gainer Challenge Days 9-10. Still Chugging along on the Slinging back protein shakes, Weight Gainer shakes, and Karbolyn. I have come to the conclusion that Karbolyn and Mass Fuzion make just about as much difference as Gainer7 has. Those products are fantastic. I have also been incorporating light days in my workouts which include really […]

Day 7 and Day 8 of 30 Nutrishop Weight Gain challenge

Nutrishop Weight Gain I worked a double and recovered. I had killed myself at work this week. Just glad to continue the Nutrishop Weight Gain challenge. I will be ordering more Mass Fuzion and Gai7ner soon. I am seeing huge gains in my arms. My arms have always been hard at gaining, yet with my current […]

Day 6 of 30 day weight gain challenge

  Day 6 with Nutrishop Gainer products. So I woke up exhausted today. After a hard day at work it was difficult. I still ate my 4000 calories today. I noticed big gains at the gym. I seem like I can go forever with N’sane. Weight slightly higher and reps definetely higher than usual. I […]

Day Five of 30 day weight gain challenge Rest Day

Rest Days are important. Rest Days allow for the body to relax, recover and regenerate. This is important whether bulking or cutting. Nutrishop Brandon will advise you to incorporate rest days in your workout regimen. Day Five, What can I say about Day five…. I will call this a rest day. I spent all day […]

Day 4 of Weight Gain Challenge | Denver Omelet

Day 4 of Weight Gain Challenge | Denver Omelet Recipe included Workout was intense yet again. Ate my 4250 calories easily and went to work. Everything is going as planned, lifted more weight felt good. Sleeping is doing much better now as I feel like my workouts have substantially improved. A nice little ego boost […]

Day 2 of 30 day weight gain challenge Nutrishop delivers

Second Day Nutrishop delivers Nutrishop delivers, I did not realize what dedication it takes to eat big. Yesterday I ate 3700 calories, Seems like alot. I used an online Calorie burner calculator. It looks like naturally I probably burn around 2700 calories. This means I was up 1000 calories for the day. That seems good. […]

Day one of Mass Gain Challenge

Day one – 09/13/2013 Mass Gain Challenge – Nutrishop Brandon I received the order from Nutrishop Brandon today. I was excited to open the box and see all of the high quality products. Today I had no work so it couldn’t have been better timing to start a whole new life and new lifestyle.  I […]

30 day Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Robert D does the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge   This is why i did the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge. I used to be more muscular but as I got older, I had less and less time to workout and eat correctly. I currently work about 65 hours a week, and a family. I watched as […]

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