N’Ject by Nutrishop’s partner in supplements Cellshock

October 17, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Product line.

N'jectN’Ject is the newest powerhouse to be released by Cellshock.

The team that has presented fine products like Nrage, Nfuze and Nsane. Now a new product that will bring your exercise to the Nth degree, N’Ject. Nject is a new take on workout supplementation and Nutrishop Brandon wants to be the store that provides the latest Nutrishop products available.

So if you have had success with this products predecessors, be sure to try the new improved formula that researches have been painstakingly developing. Why settle for other nutrition companies sub-par products when you can be ingesting the next generation of L-Arginine products.

Be sure to preorder your NJECT by Cellshock. Call us today at 813-684-2380 to order your supplement and be the first in Brandon to own a new workout supplement! Stop by our store to find out more!

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