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Assist by Nutrishop is here!

The revolutionary Assist’s platform is an A.I.M.E.

AIME is a Real Time Nutritionist designed to help you reach your goals by breaking down your personal macronutrients (i.e. protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and portions while allowing you to pick from multiple food options. Unlike many meal plans, AIME is not a “diet”. She is dynamic and creates a seamless lifestyle change by allowing users to choose foods that are driven to meet their personal goals. This gives the user choices and prevents their meal plan from becoming stale and monotonous. No “cookie-cutter” plans here.
(Current market rate for a Nutritionist approximately $200/hour)

AIME is a Personal Trainer that can take you through customized training programs that can range in time from 18 – 45 minutes based on your goals and provide a multitude of efficient exercise options. Unlike any personal trainer, AIME understands your metabolic profile and uses that profile to create an exercise program that works best for you. AIME also knows what foods you’ve consumed and uses that information to fuel your workouts accordingly. Combining your unique metabolic profile, your personalized exercise program, and your individualized meal plan, AIME is designed to maximize your outcome.
(Current market rate for a Personal Trainer is approximately $75/hour)

AIME is a Metabolic Expert that will review your results every few weeks and automatically adjust your food portions and macronutrients based on your progress when you check into the store and update your data. Understanding your unique metabolic profile has become a revolutionary tool in changing your lifestyle.
(Current market rate for a Metabolic Expert is approximately $400/hour)

AIME is an On-Demand Health Coach available to support your success 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This artificial intelligence metabolic expert will give you truthful feedback, motivation, and suggestions based on your individual needs. At the touch of a screen, any adjustments you may need will be taken care of instantly while keeping your wellness plan in mind. There is no coach as available to you as AIME. AIME provides feedback on a meal-to-meal basis and grades your intake to keep you on track daily. The accountability she provides is maximized because there is no waiting time. Day by day, you know where you stand on your path to your desired goals.
(Current market rate for a Health Coach is approximately $100/hour)

Since AIME is real-time and dynamic in nature via an Artificial Intelligence Platform, AIME will increase your nutritional success that will eliminate the guess-work and frustration many experience while trying to achieve optimal results.

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