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Sleep, Workouts, Supplements are all crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep is often overlooked in the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Nutrishop Brandon discusses how important Rest Days, Workout regimens and supplements are in your fitness. Now Nutrishop discusses the X-factor, Sleep.

Our bodies make demands on us all the time. Sometimes we demand certain foods, entertainment and daily exercise. Did you know many ailments we often have are caused by lack of sleep? Some of these regularly occurring ailments are caused by being tired. The most common are headaches, blurry vision, depression, weight gain, colds and flus, diabetes, and heart issues. So looking at those common side effects and ailments you can see why Nutrishop has a vested interest in your sleep patterns. No amount of exercise, healthy eating and supplements can overcome these issues.Sleep lady

So what is the exact number of hours my body needs? This is obviously dependent on who you are. The basic answer is between 7-9 hours in dream zone. Some people can function fantastically on a little less, whilst others may demand closer to 10 hours of shut eye. Try different amounts of time varying in thirty minute difference between 7-9 hours to determine what is optimal for you. After you do that , ask yourself the following questions:

Do I seem to function well?

Am I alert and responsive?

Do I feel sluggish in the gym?

Am I cranky?

These questions and tracking your resting heart rate may assist you in your optimal time you need for shut eye. If you have questions about eating, exercising, supplements or rest time, call Nutrishop Brandon for some insights on tips, suggestions and ideas. Our goal is to assist you with common sense answers for health and nutrtition problems that you may face. Although our recommendations are helpful, it is always recommended to consult a doctor.


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