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Rest Days Nutrishop discusses why they are vital.

Rest Days Nutrishop understands that we all have a set schedule. Many people do three day workout splits. However, lately two day workout splits have been popular. Years ago a 5 day routine was popular. No matter the routine, rest days were always included. Many novice lifters think its a joke and you should workout everyday since you are hitting different muscle groups. This is not so. Rest Days Nutrishop

When lifting correctly, sleeping sufficiently, eating properly, and supplementing, you still need rest days. Rest days are so important because your body needs to build tissue and release the toxins that were built up on workout days. Did you know that when you workout you are actually ripping and tearing muscle fibers? Your days off allow for a repairing, hydrating and a nutrient infusion period for your muscles.

When lifters neglect off days in their routines, not only are they robbing themselves of larger muscles, and more definition, they are inadvertently causing problems. Issues can develop with the muscles themselves, joints , and tendons. Overuse injuries will occur, but there are other hidden dangers.

Working out too much or too often can negatively effect you Central Nervous System, Testosterone levels and libido! That’s definetly a bad combination. Who wants a slow moving, weakling who has trouble in the bedroom?

Adding supplements with your rest day is a great idea to help assist the recovery period. A few extra scoops of protein on rest days , extra water and more sleep are advised. If you have questions about your workout routine, or are concerned you aren’t getting enough rest, call Nutrishop and ask! We always like to help our clients. Call 813-684-2380 with questions about your Rest Days Nutrishop is here for you. We are the Nutrition store for the Brandon Florida area.


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