Citrulline Malate What is this stuff?

Citrulline Malate the new kid in class.

Every now and again the bodybuilding supplement companies start gravitating towards a specific supplement ingredient. In the 80′ glutamine and Niacin got on the scene. In the 90’s pro-hormones and creatine were the rage. In the 2000’s L-arginine and Citrulline Malate are popular. So we have discussed the importance of pre-workout drinks and of course L-arginine was one of the ingredients discussed. Now we will spend a little time discussing its symbiotic relationship to Citrulline Malate.citrulline malate

This ingredient is available in Nutrishop pre-workout drinks, BCAA products and even post workout complexes. So what is it? How does it work? When is the best time to take this product? And what Nutrishop products have the ingredient?

What is it?

Citrulline Malate is a non-essential amino acid often found in fruits like melons. Although this amino acid is gaining popularity in the US Bodybuilding Supplement world, it has been used extensively in Europe for its ability to assist with fatigue, muscle weakness and Dementia. Although many studies have been done, they’re just studies. But hey, studies can lead to powerful products that offer insane results.

How Does Citrulline Malate Work?

For Bodybuilders, It has three possible benefits: Nitric Oxide Production, May reduce lactic acid and ammonia buildup, and may increase ATP and Phosphocreatine Recovery. So the idea is that if it may assist in these areas, your muscles will produce a larger pump in the gym which will expand muscle tissue and tearing, allow for a quicker recovery time and give you more energy.

When should you take this product?

Many workout enthusiasts and trainers will agree that taking a citrulline Malate product 20-40 minutes before workout will be the most beneficial. Nutrishop Brandon recommends taking your favorite workout drink like N’sane with a Citrulline Malate product like BCAA Sport. Don’t want to take two products at once? Try PRE-work by XP2.

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