Trying Non-Nutrishop products after Challenge

Nutrishop Brandon vs competition

Okay I decided to do something. a kind of comparison. I tried a popular website online and decided to purchase products that were of similar nature to those I used in my 30 day weight gain challenge using Nutrishop Brandon products. This is what happened.

Okay breakdown:

Protein: The website I used has a protein powder that basically had combined protein with mass fuzion. It was not, it was a sugary based protein that did not compare well. It contained 200 less calories, way more sugar and tasted awful not to mention the 38 less grams of protein. It added weight but it was fat. Mass fuzion and ForzaPro combined contains 550 calories of good nutrition with more than 60 grams of protein. It has a good carbohydrate to protein mix and doesn’t cause deposits of fat.

Pre-Workout drinks : Nsane mixed with Karbolyn xr3 this combination was effective and kept me energized, increased pumps, and was effective in causing better more intense workouts. The alternative, gave me headaches, I saw a decrease in lifts, and actually caused nausea.  Again these products were loaded with sugar.

Test Boosters: Arabol and Hgh 191 at night was nice, I could notice a difference in general well being, it lowered fat percentage and allowed for muscle gains. The alternative was a combination of ineffective ingredients and provided no benefits that I noticed.

The website I will not list, however this is a true testament of how well the Nutrishop Products stack up. Don’t believe me! Find out for yourself but you will be tossing money down the drain!


Robert D


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