Day 3 – Gaining Mass 30 day challenge

Nutrishop Tampa- Called the New Tampa Nutrishop Location.

Yesterday, I cleared 4200 calories for the day. It is challenging but definitely doable. My workouts have been steadily stronger and more intense. In just 3 days I can say for sure I am feeling the effects of the great combination of supplements that were suggested to me by the Nutrishop Tampa crew. I don’t feel sluggish after hard workouts, I don’t feel super sore, I haven’t had a bad workout after 3 days, I feel stronger and more alive. Today calorie intake is going as planned. On day 5 I work 12 hours at work…we will see how long work days affect my mass gain. Nonetheless, this has been alot of challenge and immensely more fun than I had expected. I have been wearing the classic “NS” Nutrishop Tampa t shirts, bringing a shaker cup full of protein to the gym and pushing harder than I have in years. I think a huge difference is using N’sane … This product gives me an urging to really lift big, a feeling I probably haven’t had in almost a decade. I am feeling like I did at 21.


I plan on taking a picture on Day7 so people can see the difference. I called Nutrishop New Tampa today and made sure I was taking the products as suggested, and I am taking them correctly. The rest is on my will power and dedication. Until tomorrow…

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