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Nutrishop Protein, Protein Myths busted.

We have heard so many different theories, case studies , ideas, arguments and online debates about protein. Nutrishop is here to dispel the common myths about the almighty Protein. And Yes, Protein is awesome. This means go to Nutrishop Brandon and buy Nutrishop Protein….okay Nutrishop Tampa or New Tampa will also suffice.Nutrishop Protein


Too much protein will cause osteoporosis.

Hogwash! This absurd theory states that – protein increases the amount of acid in your body this causing your body to use calcium in the bones to reduce the effects of acid in the body.

There is only validity in this statement on the short term and not the long term. This means that it causing osteoperosis seems inconsistent with this theory. In fact the consumption of meats actually helped with hormone production that increased calcium levels.(Read more here). Some studies were also conducted that concluded that in the long term their may be a benefit in high protein diets which will lead to a better calcium level in your body! The exact opposite of the MYTH.


Too much protein will cause kidney problems/failure.

This statement is just about as absurd as the previous myth. Kidneys filter about 50 gallons of blood every single day. The amount of extra work that the kidneys will do to process an extra 100 grams of protein is marginal. Most of kidney problems come from the following : Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Alcoholism.

Protein only effects kidneys adversely when you have Kidney disease.


Your body can only handle 30 grams of protein at a time, the rest is wasted.

According to a recent French Study on protein, concluded that it doesn’t matter if the protein was consumed all at once or spread out through the day, the consumption was the same (within reason, study was of 50g). In fact, many lifters have used a formula for success for years. Eat 1.1 to 1.8 grams of protein per lb of body mass.


So lets all just relax on regurgitating little nuggets we heard from the next guy and look at facts. We need protein, and we can handle a lot of it. Protein up because your little muscles need more food. Grab your Nutrishop Protein Shaker cup, your Forzapro, Pro7ein or Pro5 and get to guzzling huge amounts of protein, heck add some peanut butter and milk to it; Lets get huge.


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