30 day Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge

Robert D does the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge


This is why i did the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge. I used to be more muscular but as I got older, I had less and less time to workout and eat correctly. I currently work about 65 hours a week, and a family. I watched as my muscular physique slowly turned into mush and watched the weight drop drop and drop. I was 190lbs very muscular and had little body fat. Now I currently weigh 166 and I look less muscular and have a higher fat percentage. I called Nutrishop Brandon to get help (813-684-2380). I needed help, Vince told me I need to workout more, sleep more, eat more (healthy high protein foods) and supplement better.  I told him I just don’t seem to have the time to make high quality foods all the time, and getting Enough Calories will be tough. He suggested I purchase the following items. Mass Fuzion, Gai7ner, ForzPro, N’sane, BCAA-Gt, and a Testbooster (Arabol). He stated, if I am serious about muscle mass gains , I need to take everything serious; Diet, Workouts, Sleep, and supplementation. I agreed, I don’t want to be a pile of mush when I once was a much better looking person. I ordered the products and here I am at Day one. I will be making an account of my day to day accounts and what the changes are in my workouts, diet, sleep etc.


Day one – I got the product today, had good workouts ate a lot. Read about my first day experiences of the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge . Picture

Day two – Struggles do exist with gaining mass. It is difficult to eat enough calories to gain serious mass.

Day Three – Reaching desired eating goals, noticing huge difference with the use of Nutrishop Supplements.

Day Four – Cruisin on the diet, feeling the workouts, including a Omelet recipe.

Day Five – Rest day at the gym , Over time at work.

Day Six– Good day at gym, grateful for Nutrishop Products.

Days Seven and Eight – Great Mass gains even working Over time. Picture 

Days nine and ten – Getting help from Nutrishop and doing light weight

Days Eleven through Fourteen – Making a little room for the second half of the challenge.

Days Fifteen through Nineteen– Getting noticed for my mass gain and muscle mass gaining.

Days Twenty through Twenty Four – Weighed myself- Click the link to find my new weight

Days Twenty Five through Twenty Nine– Getting to the end at 185 lbs still not satisfied, Picture tomorrow.

Day 30! The RESULTS ARE IN! Check out the After picture and a more healthy me after the Nutrishop Weight Gain Challenge.

The weight gain challenge has ended and more mass has been built than I had expected. I am extremely pleased with the performance of these weight gaining products and workout products. Nutrishop Brandon has changed my outlook on weight gaining. It had always been a long an arduous task to regain weight and gain weight in general. I now notice a huge increase in muscle mass and weight in a short time frame. In addition there has been about a 10 percent strength gain on many lifts. My bench has increased about 15 lbs, squats and dead lifts are up as well. I recommend you look at combining the Weight Gain Stack in conjunction with the Ultimate Stack for Extreme results. Ask your doctor and the guys at Nutrishop before combining these intense stacks. You can find both stacks in the Miscellaneous stacks section.

Finishing up my Goals- Days 30-40 I finish weight gain plan by gaining last few pounds of muscle mass. Read about how you too can get a free Nutrition consultation to help you achieve your mass gaining goals.

How the Nutrishop products stack up– A quick review on my insights on each product I used.

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And as always the guys at Nutrishop will send your stacks to your house if you call 813-684-2380 or stop by the location at 2940 Providence Lakes blvd., Brandon, FL, 33511.

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