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ANX P3ANX-P3™ is intended for bodybuilders and serious fitness enthusiast looking to pack on muscle mass, increase vascularity, improve muscle endurance, increase strength and overall performance.

What is in ANX-P3?


ANX P3 Supplement Facts



What can be taken with ANX-P3?

ANX-P3™ will stack very well with N.O.X-P3,™ and/or with any pre-workout or muscle optimizer as well as any of the core products (Protein, Glutacor, Daily Essentials, Instantized BCAA).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you’re taking this with any other form of Nitrates, the daily Nitrate ingredient intake should not exceed 3 grams per day regardless of body weight.

How do you recommend taking ANX-P3?

Begin by taking 3 capsules 90 minutes before the workout on an empty stomach on workout days only.
Once tolerance has been assessed, you may add 1 additional capsule per workout based upon the following weight chart:

Less than 160lbs: 3 Capsules
161-180lbs: 4 Capsules
181-200lbs: 5 Capsules
201lbs+: 6 Capsules


SUGGESTED STACK: 1-XD™ first thing in the morning, ANX-P3™ 90 minutes before the workout, and N.O.X-P3™ with Micro-Encapsulated Instantized BCAA Sport™ 30 minutes before the workout!




(N.O.X-P3™ can then be taken 30 minutes before your workout).
ANX-P3™ can be taken for up to 8 weeks then discontinue use for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Do not exceed 3 grams per day of any form of Nitrates regardless of body weight.


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